• Calibrated Tank Buoyancy

  • UV Exposure

The IMANNA Dock Float Certification program is designed to:

  • Determine the failure mode of field installed products 

  • Establish threshold performance of materials and assemblies to eliminate (or drastically reduce) field failures of Marine Components used in Docks

  • Prevention of lake water contamination or ecological impact

  • Establish a threshold of acceptance for all components produced by all manufacturers to filter out undesirable (or inferior) products from use in Marina floating docks 

  • Document acceptable product with credible acceptance by manufacturers, users, and insurers

  • Promote the benefits of industry standards of acceptance and Third party certification

  • Eliminate (or drastically reduce) dock failures that could endanger lives or the lake water environment.

The following tests are included in the program:

  • Falling Dart Impact

  • 7-day Walter Hunt Absorption

  • Encasement Wall Thickness


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