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Boat Testing |How do you test your boat? | Is your boat safe?

Our 20,000 gallon test tank allows us to do a variety of boat testing. This includes level flotation and capacity as well as engineering assessment to correct deficiencies.

Fuel Tank Testing | Fuel Component Testing |How do you test your fuel components? | Is your fuel tank safe?

IMANNA has led the way in fuel system testing to USCG and ISO standards. Our services include ignition protection, fire tests, pressure-impulse tests, slosh tests, vibration, and CARB & EPA emissions testing.


IMANNA has the capability to perform RFI, EMC, & EMI testing on items ranging from individual components to entire vessels. Coupled with IMANNA's other test services, manufacturers can use IMANNA for all their CE testing requirements for both UL and MIL STD 461 F/G standards.

Navigation Lights

Our spectrophotometer, radiometer, and photometer setup allow us to test the chromaticity and intensity of both LED and incandescent lights according to various standards including ABYC A-16 and the to be announced RTCM RFI/EMI limits.

Environmental Testing

We perform a variety of environmental testing including accelerated aging using UV & Xenon, salt spray, temperature and humidity exposure, foam flotation, vibration, and mechanical shock, sand & dust, blowing rain to UL and MIL STD 810 G/H standards.

Life Raft Inflatable Testing
Life Raft and Inflatable Buoyancy Apparatus (IBA) Certification and Listing

We have a certification and listing program for Life Rafts and IBAs. We perform testing for SOLAS approval by the USCG and USCG approval of IBAs.

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