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IMANNA offers Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing (EMC), Electromagnetic Interference Testing (EMI), Radio Frequency Interference Testing (RFI).  We support a wide array of tests 
both Commercial and Military applications.


  • MIL STD 461 F,G

  • Conducted Emissions, Audio Frequency Currents, Power Leads

  • Conducted Emissions, Radio Frequency Potentials, Power Leads

  • Conducted Emissions, Antenna Port

  • Conducted Susceptibility, Power Leads

  • Conducted Susceptibility, Antenna Port, Intermodulation

  • Conducted Susceptibility, Antenna Port, Rejection of Undesired Signals

  • Conducted Susceptibility, Antenna Port, Cross-Modulation

  • Conducted Susceptibility, Structure Current

  • Conducted Susceptibility, Bulk Cable Injection

  • Conducted Susceptibility, Bulk Cable Injection, Impulse Excitation

  • Conducted Susceptibility, Damped Sinusoidal Transients, Cables and Power Leads

  • Conducted Susceptibility, Lightning Induced Transients, Cables and Power Leads

  • Conducted Susceptibility, Personnel Borne Electrostatic Discharge

  • Radiated Emissions, Magnetic Field

  • Radiated Emissions, Electric Field

  • Radiated Emissions, Antenna Spurious and Harmonic Outputs

  • Radiated Susceptibility, Magnetic Field

  • Radiated Susceptibility, Electric Field

  • Radiated Susceptibility, Transient Electromagnetic Field

  • Semi-Anechoic & Outside Tests

  • Field Tests


  • ESD

  • Fast Transients

  • Bursts and Surges

  • Emissions (Radiated and Conducted)

  • Immunity (Radiated and Conducted)

  • Screen Room and Open Field Test Sites

  • MIL STD 461

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